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A new study could allow physicians to diagnose a patient’s multiple sclerosis disease state using a simple blood test.
87% of pediatric patients did not experience a bleeding episode that required treatment during phase 3 trials.
As a result of these data, further evaluation in the form of clinical trials is “warranted,” according to the authors. 
Fetuses of obese mothers have higher weight, larger head circumferences and some longer bones, according to a new study.
A lack of insurance and being an immigrant were found to lower the likelihood that a patient will comply with a prophylaxis regimen designed to prevent infection after exposure to HIV.
Are diagnostic tests for C. difficile too sensitive?
Work-related sick leave dropped 18% for employees working for managers that received mental health training.
The retinal injection therapy could be capable of replacing damaged cells integral to eye vision.
The United States's opioid epidemic may have help from ketamine - a common therapy for major depressive disorder.
The NSS-2 Bridge relieves withdrawal symptoms for up to 5 days during an acute period.
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