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The study from researchers at the University of Boston School of Medicine was the first large-scale look into tackle football's effect on youths.
New research suggests Ocrevus saves money over subcutaneous interferon beta 1-a in the long run, though insurers say they need more data to get a clear picture of a drug’s value.
Trispecific antibodies show exceptionally promising results against HIV.
Alnylam Therapeutics expects to file for a New Drug Application in late 2017.
Buprenorphine and methadone — while linked to increased risk of serious side effects — are more beneficial than harmful when combined with benzodiazepines or other central nervous system depressants for opioid addiction care.
The ED34-i10T model includes a single-use, detachable and disposable distal cap, a simplified interface, ergonomic and image quality improvements, and reduced length.
HCV-positive women of childbearing age undergo premature ovarian deterioration, researchers wrote.
When asked about an ideal medication, most survey respondents said such a drug would last all day.
Analysis of omalizumab trials has identified asthma patients who are most likely to respond to treatment.
Results from "real word" asthma treatment with omalizumab correspond to clinical trial findings and suggest that FeNO values can help predict treatment response.
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