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Newly Identified Biomarkers Could Help Asthma and Allergy Diagnosis
Genetic biomarkers can be linked to severity and development of asthma.
Brown University Team Proposes Nine-Step PrEP Program
Breaking down the PrEP process into specific steps can help providers and patients.
Traffic-Related Air Pollution Linked to Childhood Asthma Development
Traffic-related air pollution could impact childhood asthma prevalence.
Hypertension in Pregnancy Related to Risk of ADHD in Child
Kids have higher ADHD risk in mothers experiencing eclampsia during pregnancy.
Study: App Helped Lower Blood Glucose Levels
mySugr's Logbook performed well in study, though larger clinical trials still needed.
Adalimumab Effective for Uveitis Associated with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
When standard treatment failed, adding adalimumab achieved remission in 64%.

Product News

FDA Approves Spiriva Respimat for Asthma in Children
FDA Approves Spiriva Respimat for Asthma in Children
The expanded indication was granted under the FDA's priority review program.
Europe Okays Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug
Eli Lily's rheumatoid arthritis drug baricitinib got Europe's okay.
Drug May Slow Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
Fingolomid appears to reduce the harmful activities of astrocytes in MS.
PCSK9 Inhibitors: Are They OK for Diabetes Patients?
Statins can trigger diabetes in some patients—will PCSCK9 drugs?
Blood-Thinner Trial Halted Early Due to Efficacy
Janssen halted a trial of a cardiac drug early because it worked.

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