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The investigatory therapy for secondary progressive MS returned even more promising post hoc analysis prior to its FDA consideration.
A group of researchers is planning an ambitious project that could have implications for diseases like diabetes: to build a complete model of the pancreatic ß cell.
New data has shown that using the anti-VEGF agent in patients with AMD that are older than 85 does not increase their risk of heart attack or stroke.
A wrist-worn neuromodulation device delivers a nerve stimulation pattern tailored to the patient’s tremor.
The 10,000-plus participant IMPACT study reported the triple-combination therapy fared better in exacerbation reduction than FF/VI or FF/UMEC.
Monthly seizures were reduced by about 40% in those taking Epidiolex.
After 3 months, half of the patients reported no substance abuse, while the number of patients using drop to 2 (10%).
The addition of ribavirin to direct-acting antiviral treatment of HCV with cryoglobulinemia aided to achieving immunological response.
Two recent studies on surgical attrition have unveiled the factors that impact dropout rates and timing, highlighting the need for better guidance and early intervention for medical students entering surgical training.
Could valbenazine or extract of Ginkgo biloba be the next therapy to come down the pipeline for the antipsychotic-induced condition?
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