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Given the burden of these infections, high-risk patients should be targeted with preventative interventions and monitored closely following hospital discharge.
More than 75% of hepatitis C patients suffer from conditions beyond the kidney. A roundtable group is trying to spread that fact.
Samples of the female genital tracts of women infected with HIV show that the virus loses much of its genetic diversity by the time it hits the bloodstream.
This is the first study to compare WET directly with another PTSD treatment.
The first participant has been enrolled in the American Gastroenterological Association’s (AGA) FMT study, planned to be the largest of its kind.
Testing their system against expert manual analysis of OTC scans, the researchers determined that the automatic diagnostic method was both reliable and accurate.
Even with 250,000 overdose deaths in the past decade, federal restrictions have made treatment for opioid use disorder difficult.
Depressed elderly patients undergoing SAVR or TAVR had a 7.3% higher rate of mortality compared to non-depressed patients.
The new technology allows surgeons to develop customized surgical plans prior to entering the OR. 
An increased duration of lactation was associated with a 25% to 47% relative reduction in diabetes incidence.
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