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MS Progresses, Income Drops, Swedes Find
Treating multiple sclerosis early pays off in higher patient incomes.
C. difficile Burden Inside Long Term Care Facilities
C. diff infections appear to lurk in long-term acute care facilities.
Trump Firm on Competitive Bids for Medicare Drugs, New Health Plan
Trump repeats his pledges: new health plan, competitive bids on Medicare drugs.
Pediatric Neurosurgeon Improves Lives on a Personal Level
“I wanted to have a job where I felt I was serving the public good in a very direct way,” says Ramin Javahery, MD. “I wanted something that was much more direct and intimate.”
Certain Genital Bacteria Trigger Risk of HIV
Research found that some women are more susceptible to become infected with HIV.
Alcohol Consumption Again Linked to Increased AFib Risk
“Acute alcohol consumption has long been linked to development of AF. In the Framingham, Copenhagen, and Women's Health Studies, chronic alcohol consumption, especially two or more drinks per day, is associated with up to 30% higher risk for incident AF,” the study authors wrote in the Journal of the American Heart Association.
Flu Vaccines May Reduce Heart Failure Risks
“The reason we are talking about vaccinations is that they are some of the simplest interventions we can provide our patients to reduce heart failure (HF) hospitalizations and HF exacerbations,” says Dr. Orly Vardeny, PharmD.
Detecting AFib in Stroke Patients With Large or Small Vessel Disease
The aim of the present meta-analysis was “to estimate the yield of AF detection in patients with stroke due to small and large vessel disease and in stroke patients in whom stroke etiology was not defined,” say the researchers.

Product News

Long-Acting Opioid Painkiller Gains FDA Approval
Long-Acting Opioid Painkiller Gains FDA Approval
The FDA approved a morphine sulfate extended-release tablet (Arymo ER/Egalet) to treat severe pain needing “daily, around-the-clock, long-term opioid treatment".
Ranibizumab Approved by FDA for Myopic Choroidal Neovascularization
The FDA’s decision follows the EU’s decision last month to similarly expand the scope of the drug’s approval to include more specific causes of vision loss and blindness.
FDA Issues Refusal to File for Postoperative Pain Reliever's NDA Bid
Deeming Xaracoll to be a drug/device combination, the Food and Drug Administration notified Innocoll yesterday that it would not be going forward with the New Drug Application they had filed for the product in October.
FDA Rejects Solithromycin for Bacterial Pneumonia
The FDA has issued a complete response letter for the oral and intravenous antibiotic solithromycin as a treatment for patients with community-acquired bacterial pneumonia, due to concerns over hepatotoxicity and manufacturing issues.
FDA Approves Maci to Treat Cartilage Defects in the Knee
The FDA this week announced approval of Maci, “matrix-induced autologous chondrocyte implantation.” The treatment is intended for cartilage defects of the knee, which can eventually lead to osteoarthritis.
FDA Bans Powdered Surgical Gloves
Citing health hazards to patients and workers, the US Food and Drug Administration has issued a final rule banning the use of powdered exam gloves and surgical gloves. It will take effect January 19, 2017.

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