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The option to program cochlear implants remotely can greatly reduce the burden for patients and families.
The committee warns against the approval due to inconsistent data, concerns about drug resistance and lack of endpoints met.
The single tablet is an effective potential alternative treatment option for the management of virologically suppressed patients with HIV.
A systematic review examines the effectiveness of self-management interventions in MS to relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety and improve quality of life.
The international humanitarian aid group will get the generics from companies in Egypt and India.
New evidence suggests the program has reversed a decades-long trend of reduced HF mortality.
A new study could allow physicians to diagnose a patient’s multiple sclerosis disease state using a simple blood test.
87% of pediatric patients did not experience a bleeding episode that required treatment during phase 3 trials.
As a result of these data, further evaluation in the form of clinical trials is “warranted,” according to the authors. 
Fetuses of obese mothers have higher weight, larger head circumferences and some longer bones, according to a new study.
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