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A Novel Drug for Persistent Improvement in Kids with ADHD
A Novel Drug for Persistent Improvement in Kids with ADHD
Phase 3 study reveals efficacy of dasotraline in children 6 to 12 years old.
Cannabidiol May Cut Number of Seizures in Half
Cannabidiol may cut the number of seizures for some patients who have epilepsy.
Asthma Prescribing Diverges from FDA Guidance
The FDA contraindicated using LABA as monotherapy in adults with asthma.
Serious Health Concerns Trigger New FDA Restrictions on Codeine, Tramadol
Children, infants who receive the opioids can suffer respiratory depression, death.
Long-term Therapy with Norfloxacin Improves Advanced Liver Disease Prognosis
Norfloxacin improved the prognosis of life-threatening advanced liver disease.

Product News

FDA Approves Infliximab Biosimilar
FDA Approves Infliximab Biosimilar
Infliximab-abda approved for range of gastroenterological and rheumatoid conditions.
Amgen Takes Aim at Sanofi and Regeneron Blockbuster Dupilumab
Already at war over PCSK9, drug giants go to court over another breakthrough drug.
FDA Approves Non-Invasive Stimulation Device for Cluster Headache
Previous studies link vagus nerve stimulation to pain relief for various conditions.
Rigel Submits NDA for Fostamatinib
Company hopes former RA candidate will be approved for rare blood condition.
FDA Approves Injection to Treat All Forms of Diabetic Retinopathy
Ranibizumab can now treat patients with all forms of diabetic retinopathy.
FDA Rejects Lilly's Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug
FDA rejects potential blockbuster, requesting further safety data.

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