MDNG Pediatrics | March 2009

MDNG Pediatrics

Cover Story

G. Stephen Nace, MD
A key component of health literacy is the ability to understand statistics and concepts like "probability" and "risk."

Feature Articles

Neil Versel
Who will lead the way in promoting greater adoption of e-prescribing, and how can physicians get the most out of using this technology in their practice?


Jonathan Bertman, MD
The hottest trend right now in mobile communications is location-based services on smartphones.
Alberto Borges, MD
President Obama has signed a stimulus bill that calls for eventually punishing physicians who do not "meaningfully" use a "certified" EHR system.

Tech Sectors

Lorraine Fernandes, RHIA
Healthcare data trapped in non-interoperable clinical systems leads to flawed processes, inefficient workflow, and less-than-optimal care.

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