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Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and other healthcare information technology (HIT) enjoy a tidal wave of support from politicians, including the leaders of our national medical societies, who...
Our latest addition to the Pulse section will highlight physicians who are "bringing healthcare technology into practice." This month, we profile our newest Editorial Board member, John Luo, MD.
Growing up, I spent just as much time playing indoors, setting up elaborate GI Joe vs. Transformers wars, as I did running around Wood-Ridge, NJ, with my best friend at the time, imagining we were...
It's been impossible to avoid the iPhone media barrage in the wake of Apple's announcement at Macworld earlier this year. So does the iPhone live up to all the hype? Well, almost.
Most physicians choose clinical medicine because they want to make a positive impact on patients' health. Tom Wessel, MD, is no exception. And that's the reason he left the bedside.
The topic of health information technology (IT) seems to be popping up everywhere nowadays. No longer the province of healthcare and tech-focused websites, it has recently made prominent...
Health information technology (IT) is evolving rapidly. Big changes are on the way, including pay for performance (P4P), ePrescribing, ubiquitous electronic health records (EHRs), and computerized...
This month, Tech Talk looks at physician practice websites and explains how to register your own domain name.

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