20th Annual United States Conference on AIDS

20th Annual United States Conference on AIDS | USCA 2016

The 2016 USCA will feature sessions that address issues such as "the importance of race in HIV services, biomedical HIV prevention, and women and violence," and provide information on new and innovative methods for addressing rising infection rates.

Conference Coverages

GMHC Leans on Triad for Better Service, Efficiency
GMHC Leans on Triad for Better Service, Efficiency
When a non-profit AIDS advocacy group offers as many programs as Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC) efficiency is a challenge. The organization relies on three management practices to remain efficient and audit-ready, particularly data-driven administrative supervision.
University of Virginia Program Uses Peer Coaches to Fight Rural HIV AIDS Stigma
HIV AIDS is treatable but in rural areas the fear of people finding out an individual's HIV status can be a barrier. A University of Virginia Health System team has had success with training peer coaches to counsel such patients.
San Francisco on Track to Eliminate Hepatitis C
San Francisco, CA, with the backing of generous state Medicaid coverage, believes it can wipe out hepatitis C in vulnerable populations including people with HIV, intravenous drug users, homeless people, and prisoners in the city's jails.
Adriana Garriga-Lopez: Celebrating Public Health with a Song, Literally VIDEO
Bonus video: As the 20th Annual US Conference on AIDS wound down, one presenter stood out—not just for advocacy work. She also sings. Here’s the conclusion of our interview with Adriana Garriga-Lopez, PhD, singing Manuel de Falla's "Nana".
Adriana Garriga-Lopez: Social Justice Conscience About Public Health VIDEO
Experts need to think about public health in a smarter way; it shouldn't just be about emergency management.
Adriana Garriga-Lopez, PhD: States, Bodies, and Epidemics VIDEO
When talking about HIV, you're not just talking about one thing; you're talking about many different epidemics.
Adriana Garriga-Lopez, PhD: How Does One Decolonize Public Health? VIDEO
Exploring the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Puerto Rico, Adriana Garriga-Lopez, PhD, questioned how colonialism manifests on an every day level.
Adriana Garriga-Lopez, PhD: HIV/AIDS Epidemic Through Puerto Rico's Lens VIDEO
HIV/AODS research has tended to silo people into particular categories or particular communities like injecting drug users, men who have sex with men, etc.
Puerto Rico's HIV AIDS Problem Grows As Economy Tanks
More than 40% of US AIDS/HIV cases are in San Juan, Puerto Rico, but economic turmoil there is making it hard to fight the epidemic.

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