NAPNAP 2012 33rd Annual Conference on Pediatric Health Care

NAPNAP 2012 33rd Annual Conference on Pediatric Health Care | NAPNAP 2012

The theme of this year's conference is "New Frontiers in Child Health" with sessions focusing on primary care, acute care, pharmacy, and mental health. In order to achieve the organization's mission, keynote speakers will be speaking about "promoting optimal health for children through leadership, practice, advocacy, education and research."

Conference Coverages

NAPNAP 2012: Taking Control of Online Healthcare Information
Bryn Vartabedian, MD, offers valuable tips and advice for health care providers who are interested in using social media to engage with and educate their patients.
NAPNAP 2012: Newborn Skin Care: What the Evidence Shows
Renee P. McLeod, PhD, APRN, CPNP, reviewed evidence-based recommendations on skin care in infants and other dermatological topics for pediatric nurse practitioners and parents.
NAPNAP 2012: 33rd Annual Conference on Pediatric Health Care Slideshow
Check out this slideshow for a look at the 33rd Annual Pediatric Health Care conference, held this year in San Antonio, TX, which provided health care professionals, industry representatives, and pediatric nurse practitioners with the latest updates in pediatric health care
NAPNAP 2012: Helping Kids to Handle Anxiety
Cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and breathing techniques are among several nonpharmaceutical interventions that have been shown to help children with anxiety. Rebecca Kajander, MPH, BSN, CPNP, PMHS, discussed these and other techniques that providers can use as part of effective therapy.
NAPNAP 2012: Pediatric Psychotropic Medication… Can We Talk?
There are several factors that determine whether children with psychiatric disorders and their families decide to use psychotropic drugs as part of treatment. The patient-provider relationship is a key factor in promoting treatment adherence in this patient population, and there are several strategies that providers can use to improve this relationship and help ensure successful treatment.
NAPNAP 2012: US Immunizations… Looking Back and Looking Ahead
William Atkinson, MD, delivered a wide-ranging look at recent developments in immunization research and policy, reviewed new recommendations for 2012, and offered several predictions on likely developments in the near future.
NAPNAP 2012: Bullying in the School Setting
Bullying is on everyone's mind these days. Over the past two weeks, the media has strongly focuses on the trial of Dharun Ravi, the Rutgers University student recently convicted of 15 counts, including a hate crime and anti-gay intimidation of Tyler Clementi, his former roommate who committed suicide in September 2010.
NAPNAP 2012: It's All about Healthy Kids
Dr. Judith Palfrey challenged everyone to imagine what a nation of health kids would be like in the opening session of the 2012 NAPNAP Conference. The issue is, she stated, "You can't get any place if you don't know where you are going; try it."
NAPNAP 2012: Pediatric Rheumatology…Closing the Gap
According to a report from the HHS, pediatric rheumatology is not represented among 30-40% of US medical schools and pediatric residency programs and, perhaps even more alarming, the report found that 13 states lack a single pediatric rheumatologist.

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