64th Meeting of the Institute on Psychiatric Services (IPS)

64th Meeting of the Institute on Psychiatric Services (IPS) | APA IPS 2012

Public and community psychiatrists and other health care professionals who help to treat and diagnose psychiatric disorders will find the 64th Meeting of the Institute on Psychiatric Services to provide cutting-edge research. The main goal of this year's meeting is "Pursing Wellness Through Recovery & Integration" and lectures and workshops such as "Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Personality Disorders," "Best Practices in Office-Base Pharmacotherapy of Substance Use Disorders," and "Cultivating Physical Health and Wellness in Adults with Serious Mental Illnesses" will help to achieve this focus.

Conference Coverages

2012 APA - IPS: Innovative Tools to Improve Recovery Outcomes in Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder
2012 APA - IPS: Innovative Tools to Improve Recovery Outcomes in Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder
Mental health advocate calls for a multidisciplinary approach to treating patients with severe mental illness.
2012 APA - IPS: Aripiprazole Depot Formulation Shows Promise as Long-acting Therapy for Schizophrenia
New formulation associated with delayed time to impending relapse, as well as improvements on measures of symptom severity and treatment response.
2012 APA - IPS: Tools to Improve Functional Status in Patients with Schizophrenia
New validated assessment tools allow clinicians to better assess the level of real-life functioning in patients with schizophrenia.
2012 APA - IPS: Variations in Weight Gain Found among the Top Three Atypical Antipsychotics
Clinicians who treat patients with atypical antipsychotics should be aware of the weight gain potential associated with each medication in this class, and select the most appropriate medication to ensure patient compliance and prevent relapse.
2012 APA - IPS: What Is the Role of Psychiatry in End-of-Life Care?
Study reveals that psychiatric comorbidities are common in patients with terminal cancer and illustrates the important role psychiatrists can play in palliative and end-of-life care.
2012 APA - IPS: Implications for Primary Care in Associations between Somatization-like Illness, PTSD, and Depression
Study indicates that nonspecific physical symptoms such as pain, weakness, and shortness of breath may indicate PTSD or depression.
2012 APA - IPS: Two Studies Confirm Efficacy of Lurasidone for Bipolar 1 Depression
Posters present results of clinical trials that examined lurasidone as monotherapy and as part of combination therapy in patients with bipolar 1 depression with or without rapid cycling and without psychotic features.
2012 APA - IPS: Is it Time for a Fifth Cycle of Reform in Mental Health Care?
Mental health expert says that the key to improving care is to integrate medical care into mental health settings, and introduce mental health care competence into primary care.
2012 APA - IPS: Study Design, Not Efficacy, Is the Key to Conflicting Studies of Schizophrenia Drugs
A poster presented at the American Psychiatric Association 64th Institute on Psychiatric Services examined whether depot medications work better than oral agents in schizophrenia.

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