Brianna Norton, DO: Challenge with Co-Infected HCV, HIV Patients

OCTOBER 07, 2017
Jenna Payesko

Brianna Norton, DO, MPH, Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx: Managing someone who's HIV, Hep. C co-infected, has become quite simple. Because even drug-drug interactions are very manageable. I think that the biggest challenge is probably getting them linked to Hep. C care. Now most of these folks who have HIV, are in HIV care and whether they're in it erratically or in it consistently, most people are. And so if we can get HIV docs, which I am, if we can get any HIV docs to really invest also in Hep C. care, rather than just send them to specialists. I think that we're not going to have huge barriers to getting HIV co-infected patients treated, and given the fact that they do worse, have rapid progression to liver fibrosis, it's going to be key to treat them. And it's so simple now, that really it's access more than anything.

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