IDWeek 2016

IDWeek 2016 | IDweek 2016

The conference organizers say this "must-attend meeting" is ideal for "healthcare professionals in infectious diseases and healthcare epidemiology and prevention, including researchers, clinicians, quality and patient safety practitioners, epidemiologists, and public health officials, including those who see HIV and pediatric patients."

Conference Coverages

Corrective Lenses May Increase Flu Risk
Corrective Lenses May Increase Flu Risk
Are healthcare workers who wear glasses or contacts more likely to get colds and flu? Researchers at Johns Hopkins report on a study with intriguing findings.
Testing HIV Patients for other Sexually Transmitted Infections Too Expensive?
Patients with HIV are likely to have other sexually transmitted infections, but routine testing may be too expensive an urban Alabama clinic estimated.
Zika Is the Hottest Topic at IDWeek
The threat of Zika virus and state of research surrounding the virus drew standing room crowds at IDWeek 2016.
Routine Dental Care May Reduce the Risk of Pneumonia VIDEO
Michelle Doll, MD, Virginia Commonwealth University, discussed her recent work in assessing the association between regular dental check ups and decreased risk of getting pneumonia.
Zika Virus Needs Better Diagnostic Tests: Mark Mulligan, Emory Vaccine Center VIDEO
Mark Mulligan, MD explained that Zika needs better diagnostic tests, which he knows can take some time, but is hopeful something will come along in a reasonable time frame.
New HIV Drug Combo Better than Usual Treatment
A new drug combo had good results in treatment-naïve women with HIV, researchers reported today at IDWeek 2016 in New Orleans, LA.
Live Attenuated Flu Vaccine Is Safe for Kids with Asthma, Study Finds
Recommendations that children with asthma not get live attenuated flu vaccine may not be necessary, researchers found.
Zika Virus: Epidemiology, Virology, and Counter Measures VIDEO
At IDWeek 2016, Mark Mulligan, MD, Hope Clinic at Emory Vaccine Center discussed his team's recent projects studying the natural history of Zika infection and their Zika vaccine trial.
Measles: More Often Deadly than Thought
Deaths from measles can come through a complication known as SSPE, and it is more common than thought. It can occur years after measles infection, even in adults.

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