32nd Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis

32nd Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis | ECTRIMS 2016

ECTRIMS 2016 will offer comprehensive scientific and teaching programs that focus on a range of topics, including "disease mechanisms, prognostic markers, developments in imaging, approaches to early treatment, the latest clinical trial results, and emerging targets for modulation of the innate immune system, neuroprotection and repair."

Conference Coverages

Patricia Coyle: ECTRIMS Presents Positive Results for Patients
Patricia Coyle: ECTRIMS Presents Positive Results for Patients VIDEO
As the annual ECTRIMS conference in London wound down there was definitely a sense of optimism that there would be more good news to come before the group meets next October in Paris.
Patricia Coyle from Stony Brook Medicine: Teri-PRO Trial shows Continued Benefits of Aubagio VIDEO
When a medication is approved the data from that time can sometimes be of more value than the trials leading up to the approval. For Aubagio there was a recent study done looking at patient satisfaction and other issues following the approval.
Fampridine Gets a Thumbs Up for Improving MS Walking Disability
Previous research has shown that prolonged-release fampridine (PR-FAM) can help walking ability in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), however, it’s unclear whether those findings are clinically significant.
Severe Vitamin D Deficiency and Smoking Spike the Risk of MS Disability
One of the late breaking studies at ECTRIMS 2016 looked at how 25OH vitamin D (25OHVitD) and smoking influences disability in patients with MS.
Siponimod Significantly Reduces Disability Progression Risk in SPMS
Researchers have evaluated siponimod's efficacy in treating secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS) in a phase 3 trial.
Chase Spurlock from Vanderbilt University: New Blood Test Could Catch Multiple Sclerosis Sooner VIDEO
At the moment the best way to get a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis is through a brain scan. A team in Tennessee is working to improve that with a blood test that could find the condition sooner allowing for treatment to begin faster.
Aaron Boster: Building Excitement Out of ECTRIMS VIDEO
As the leading minds in the field of multiple sclerosis came together in London for the annual ECTRIMS conference the end of the conference brought a considerable amount of excitement in everything from the relapsing form to progressive forms.
Aaron Boster from OhioHealth: Extended Data On Lemtrada Shows More Good News VIDEO
As more and more treatments are approved for patients with multiple sclerosis questions are being answered about their effectiveness long past their approval dates. This is true for many of the medications including lemtrada.
Michael Yeaman: Building Optimism in the Field of Neuromyelitis Optica VIDEO
Unlike conditions like multiple sclerosis where there is a considerable amount of knowledge and several available approved treatment options that is not the case for neuromyelitis optica. As a result more work is needed to educate patients about what their treatment will be like.

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