The International Liver Congress 2016

The International Liver Congress 2016 | EASL 2016

At the 2016 International Liver Congress, scientific and medical experts from a broad range of fields including hepatology, gastroenterology, internal medicine, infectious diseases, and others will share recent data, present studies and findings, and discuss the hottest topics on liver disease.

Conference Coverages

Better Test for Predicting Mortality in Liver Failure?
Better Test for Predicting Mortality in Liver Failure?
Is a methacetin breath test superior to MELD scores in predicting mortality in liver failure?
In Liver Disease, Thick Waist is Worse than Obesity
Being overweight in itself is a risk factor for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), but people of normal body mass index (BMI) can have lean NAFLD and if so they are in even greater danger.
Should Liver Transplant Come Sooner in Wilson Disease?
Severe neurological symptoms, not liver failure, should be the signal to start thinking about a liver transplant in Wilson Disease, French researchers say.
Australian Researcher Offers US HCV Patients Cheap Mail-Order Generic DAAs
An Australian physician is sending generic DAAs made in China and India to patients with hepatitis in the US. It's part of an NIH-approved clinical trial.
Post-Transplant HCV Recurrence Treatable with DAAs
Liver transplant does not always mean the end of a hepatitis infection. A California team has had success treating recurrent HCV with DAAs.
Hepatitis Concerns Add to EU Refugee Woes
Public health concerns in Europe mount as data show Syrian refugees have higher rates of HBV than residents in host countries.
Panvirals Continue to Deliver Good News
Delivering on predictions made at major liver disease meetings over the past year, researchers said two experimental panvirals are curing hepatitis patients who had not been helped by earlier direct-acting antivirals.
So Far, DAAs Look Safe for Kids with HCV
In what researchers said was the first study of DAAs in children with HCV, UK researchers reported the drugs were effective and well tolerated. Questions remain about whther they might have any negative effects farther out.
Six Weeks on DAAs Enough for Acute Hep C?
A team from Germany found patients with acute HCV infection could be cured in six weeks with DAA treatment, half the recommended time.

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