Digestive Disease Week 2015 | DDW 2015

Digestive Disease Week is "the world's leading educational forum for academicians, clinicians, researchers, students and trainees working in gastroenterology, hepatology, GI endoscopy, gastrointestinal surgery and related fields." More than 14,000 gastroenterology professionals will attend DDW 2015, which will feature "interactive programming and the best basic, clinical and translational research."

Conference Coverages

Q&A With Berrak Yegen From Marmara University: Can Exercise Help Heal Gastric Ulcers Faster?
Q&A With Berrak Yegen From Marmara University: Can Exercise Help Heal Gastric Ulcers Faster? VIDEO
Patients with gastric ulcers are always looking for the fastest way to heal their conditions. A recent study looked at whether exercise in rats helped expedite the healing process.
Q&A With Karen Madsen From University of Alberta: Using Fecal Transplant to Fight Antibiotic Resistance VIDEO
Fecal microbiota transplant has been used to treat patients with c-diff for a while now but one of the biggest questions is what else can it do. A recent study looked at using the procedure to remove antibiotic resistant genes.
Q&A With Dina Kao From University of Alberta: Working to 'Advance the Science' of Fecal Microbiota Transplant VIDEO
Patients with C-Diff are being treated with fecal microbiota transplantation but there is still more research being done in the field to learn more about the potential benefits in the field.
Q&A With Prashant Singh From Massachusetts General: Menopausal Hormone Therapy and its Role in Gastrointestinal Bleeding VIDEO
Hormone therapy has proven a very effective option for many women during menopause but there has also been some evidence that it can increase the likelihood of bleeding disorders. A recent study looked at the link between the two.
Q&A With Craig Strasnick From Commonwealth Laboratories: New Test Looks for Fast Identification of Irritable Bowel Syndrome VIDEO
Whether patients have irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease what matters to them most is getting the correct diagnosis and treatment as quickly as possible.
Q&A With Luc Biedermann From University Hospital Zurich: Diagnosis Delay Has Serious Consequences for Patients with Celiac Disease VIDEO
Whether it is due to doctors waiting to make a diagnosis or patients waiting to see a doctor in the first place, diagnosis delay can be a considerable issue for patients with celiac disease. A recent study looked at just how big a problem this can be in the medical community.
Q&A With Marc Kaneshiro From UCLA: New Device Helps Detect Post Operative Ileus VIDEO
Patients coming out of surgery face a variety of risks even when the operation is done. A group is looking into a new device that can help with patients undergoing abdominal surgery to detect ileus after going under the knife.
Q&A With Jessica Cohan From UCSF Medical School: How Much Information Do Patients Need for Ulcerative Colitis Surgical Procedures VIDEO
The internet can be an endless source of information for patients looking to learn more about their conditions and possible treatments and surgical options. Whether those sources provide the help needed is another issue for healthcare professionals to tackle.
Q&A With Zobair Younossi From Inova Fairfax Hospital: Hepatitis C Treatment Provides Fiscal Benefits as Well as Health Improvements VIDEO
As hepatitis C becomes a curable condition in many parts of the world research is also showing the financial benefits of allowing once sick patients to resume their normal lives after treatment.

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