Q&A With Megan Weigel From Baptist Neurology: Treating Sexual Dysfunction in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis

JUNE 01, 2015
Adam Hochron

On the long list of concerns patients with multiple sclerosis have to deal with on a daily basis their sexual health may not be high on the list of priorities. By having a conversation it can be an obstacle that can be overcome.

Megan Weigel, DNP, ARNP-C, MSCN, from Baptist Neurology in Florida, discussed how the conversation can be handled and the positive results it can produce during the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers in Indianapolis. Calling it a "missing piece" of the treatment puzzle, Weigel said helping a patient keep a healthy and active sex life can be important in maintaining an overall high quality of life while still being attentive to their other medical needs. 

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