American College of Chest Physicians 2014 Annual Meeting

American College of Chest Physicians 2014 Annual Meeting | CHEST 2014

CHEST 2014 will feature “a diverse program that leverages state-of-the-art technology, case-based interactive discussions with experts, educational games, and new learning opportunities” in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine.

Conference Coverages

Improving Education on Smoking Cessation
Improving Education on Smoking Cessation VIDEO
While the dangers of smoking are well known to most people there still remains a segment of the population who continues to smoke despite efforts to encourage them to quit.
Radiology's Role in Lung Transplantation VIDEO
There are many factors that go into a successful lung transplant operation. One key factor after surgery is routine radiological checks of a patient's progress.
Lung Transplant Patients Face Unique Risks in Process VIDEO
The survival rate for lung transplant may be lower than other organs but many patients see dramatic changes in their quality of life following the complicated procedure.
Defining Treatment Options for Obese Asthmatic Patients VIDEO
Looking at patients with asthma it can be easy to group them all together for treatment options. Recent studies have shown that that may not be the best way to approach helping people dealing with both obesity and asthma.
Working Through the Challenges of Pediatric Lung Transplantation VIDEO
Patients who need a lung transplant at any age face a wide range of complications and potential issues. For the youngest of patients that can particularly scary and overwhelming if not handled properly.
Linking Asthma to Obesity and Treating Both in Patients VIDEO
Obesity is becoming a growing problem in the country as is asthma in many of those patients. Doctors are now looking at ways to treat both to help the overall health of the people they see.
Taking a Closer Look at Lung Cancer Screenings VIDEO
Lung cancer screenings have been proven beneficial for many patients and the American College of Chest Physicians has been working to make the screenings available to more people who need them. The topic was discussed at the organization's recent national meeting.
Quality of Life for IPF Patients with New Medications VIDEO
The new Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis medications that were recently approved will help with treatment for patients but are not a cure for the condition.
Learning More About Hypersomnia VIDEO
Hypersomnia may not receive the amount of attention as other sleep disorders like sleep apnea, but it affects up to 5% of the population and left untreated can significantly diminish a patient's quality of life.

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