83rd Annual Meeting of the American Thyroid Association

83rd Annual Meeting of the American Thyroid Association | ATA 2013 2013

The 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Thyroid Association is "designed for the community of endocrinologists, internists, surgeons, basic scientists, nuclear medicine scientists, pathologists, trainees, nurses, physician assistants and other health care professionals who wish to broaden and update their knowledge of the thyroid gland and its disorders."

Conference Coverages

Vemurafenib for the Treatment of Patients with BRAF V600E-Positive Papillary Thyroid Cancer
Vemurafenib for the Treatment of Patients with BRAF V600E-Positive Papillary Thyroid Cancer
Results from a small study show that vemurafenib is an effective and well-tolerated treatment option for patients with BRAF V600E-positive papillary thyroid cancer.
Ultrasound-guided Percutaneous Ethanol Ablation vs. Observation of Papillary Thyroid Microcarcinoma
Case study shows ultrasound-guided percutaneous ethanol ablation is a well-tolerated and effective option for patients with thyroid cancer who elect not to undergo thyroidectomy.
Study Finds Radiofrequency Ablation and Laser Ablation Equally Effective and Safe in the Treatment of Thyroid Nodules
Radiofrequency ablation and percutaneous laser ablation are both effective and safe for the management of benign thyroid nodules, with no significant differences in nodule volume reduction between the two techniques.
Study Finds Minimally Invasive Video-assisted Thyroidectomy Safe for Obese Patients
Researchers report that overweight and obese patients undergoing minimally invasive video-assisted thyroidectomy (MIVAT) are not at increased risk for surgical complications.
Review Highlights Importance of Clinician-Performed Ultrasound for Proper Initial Surgical Management of Differentiated Thyroid Cancer
Clinician-performed ultrasound can identify non-palpable pathologic lateral lymph nodes in a significant percentage of patients with differentiated thyroid cancer who previously underwent radiologist-performed ultrasound, potentially leading to better surgical outcomes.
PARADOX Study Quantifies Clinical, Social, and Economic Burden of Hypoparathyroidism
Study results show patients with the disorder report a sever burden of illness, with high rates of hospital and emergency room visits and significant negative impact on activities of daily living.
Identifying Barriers to Care for Hispanic Patients with Thyroid Cancer
Study finds that language is not a major barrier to access to thyroid cancer care for Hispanic patients at a large urban hospital with ample interpretation services and a robust community network.
Study Shows Women Who Follow a Paleolithic Diet May Experience Iodine Deficiency
Swedish women who followed a modified Paleolithic diet for two years experienced a nearly 50% decrease in iodine levels, accompanied by an increase in thyroid-stimulating hormone and a decrease in FT3 levels.
Socioeconomic Status Is a Factor in Rising Thyroid Cancer Rates in the US
Analysis of cancer surveillance, insurance coverage, and household income data indicates that thyroid cancer rates are positively correlated with higher rates of insurance coverage and higher income.

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