American Psychiatric Association 2016 Annual Meeting

American Psychiatric Association 2016 Annual Meeting | APA 2016

The APA annual meeting is designed for all mental health professionals and advocates, and will feature cutting-edge science and new therapies and presentations from renowned experts and specialists.

Conference Coverages

CDC's Tom Frieden: We Need a Revolution
CDC's Tom Frieden: We Need a Revolution
When it comes to funding, research, and preventing illness mental health and physical health tend be seen as separate arenas.The CDC's top doc Tom Frieden vowed to change that.
Marianne Goodman: Working to Prevent Suicide in Borderline Personality Disorder VIDEO
As with many psychiatric conditions suicide is a concern for patients with borderline personality disorder. What doctors can do to prevent their patients from this can make the difference between life and death.
Marianne Goodman from the Icahn School of Medicine: What Is Borderline Personality Disorder? VIDEO
For people who may not know what borderline personality disorder is or have questions about what can be done to help these patients a new effort is being made to raise awareness about this difficult condition.
Marijuana Regulation a Scary Chaotic Mess?
Under existing federal law, there is no legal way the feds can regulate marijuana sales--or let the states do it. That could have dire consequences, a legal expert tells the APA.
Marine Commandant Gen. Robert Neller: Help Us With Suicides
The US Marine Corp's top officer, Commandant Gen. Robert Neller asked members of the American Psychiatrist Association for insights and help in halting suicides among corps members.
Were the Nazis Certifiably Insane? Psychiatrists Look Back
The Nazi criminals' crimes against humanity continue to stun psychiatrists. Was there a neurological defect involved?
Electroconvulsive Therapy Could Reduce Vets' Suicides, Depresssion
Electroconvulsive therapy could be an effective tool in reducing veterans' severe depression and suicides, a panel said. Kitty Dukakis, the wife of former Gov. Michael Dukakis and an advocate for ECT, was a panelist,
Mary Giliberti from NAMI: Working to Make Mental Health a 'Casserole Illness' VIDEO
Talking about mental health conditions may be easier than it was a few years ago but the stigma still exists in many parts of the population. The National Alliance on Mental Illness is working to overcome that issue on a variety of fronts.
David Nicholson: Developing New Treatments for Mental Illnesses VIDEO
With a wide range of mental health issues needing advancements in treatment there is constant work being done to find new medications that can help the various patient populations.

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