2015 American Medical Association Annual Meeting

2015 American Medical Association Annual Meeting | AMA 2015

During the 2015 American Medical Association Annual Meeting, the AMA House of Delegates (the principal policy-making body of the AMA) will convene to debate and vote on a host of measures. The meeting will also feature CME activities on trending healthcare topics, events for residents and students, and more.

Conference Coverages

Docs to AMA: Fix Everything
Docs to AMA: Fix Everything
After discussing nearly 250 issues, delegates to the AMA's annual meeting left the organization with a towering to-do list. Here's a wrap-up of MD Magazine's on-site coverage of the June 6-10 meeting in Chicago.
Doctors Call for More Data on Fracking, Pipelines
The American Medical Association is calling for full disclosure of chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, citing a need for further study about potential public health impacts of the practice.
AMA Says Government, Payers Must Ensure Affordability of Hepatitis C Drugs
As the market for Hepatitis C treatments continues to grow, the American Medical Association is calling for the government and payers to do more to ensure new therapies are affordable.
AMA's New President Aims to Lower Burnout Rates
The new president of the American Medical Association is the group's youngest president in 160 years. He plans to focus on public health, revamping medical education, and reducing burnout during his term.
Docs Honor, Mourn Slain Surgeon
The violent death of Boston, MA cardiac surgeon Michael Davidson Jan. 20 was much on the minds of physicians at the AMA's meeting in Chicago. Davidson was honored in a memorial and the delegates resolved to lobby for ways to protect physicians from such assaults.
Doctors Leery of Forming Super PAC
On Tuesday, the American Medical Association's House of Delegates debated the wisdom of forming a so-called Super PAC to help influence elections. However, the idea raised a number of concerns.
US Military's Transgender Ban Has No Medical Basis, AMA Says
The American Medical Association on Monday called the military's policy of excluding transgender service members "out of date."
Cannabis Docs Need Immunity, AMA Says
Despite assurances from the Obama administration that physicians who provide marijuana to patients for therapeutic use in states where that is legal will not face federal prosecution, the AMA is calling for a law. They want an ironclad guarantee these doctors will have legal immunity.
AMA to Draft Mobile Health App Best Practices
The mobile health application industry continues to grow in the US, even though most of the apps aren't clinically proven. Now, the American Medical Association says it will work to come up with best practices for medical app developers.

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