American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2016

American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2016 | AHA 2016

The American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2016 will feature "five days of the best in science and cardiovascular clinical practice covering all aspects of basic, clinical, population and translational content."

Conference Coverages

PCSK9 Inhibitors Show Benefits with Challenges to Overcome
PCSK9 Inhibitors Show Benefits with Challenges to Overcome VIDEO
Since they were first approved for patient care more than a year ago PCSK9 inhibitors have shown to be a powerful tool in the fight against dangerously high cholesterol levels. However, there are still challenges standing in the way of them being made more widely available.
Late Breakers Highlight Busy Time at AHA Scientific Sessions VIDEO
The annual American Heart Association Scientific Sessions were filled with a wide range of presentations made in New Orleans. It was the late breaking news that made the most impact for those in attendance as they look to the future of cardiac care.
New Lessons Learned from Every Scientific Session VIDEO
As the American Heart Association wrapped up another successful conference in New Orleans, each of the approximately 18,000 providers in attendance was bringing home something new to their practices or optimism for new treatments to come in the future.
New Treatments and New Ways to Help Veterans in Cardiac Care VIDEO
Novel oral anticoagulants have made treatment of many patients considerably easier over the past few years. Finding ways to apply that to veterans can help a patient population deserving of high quality health care.
Fixing 'Gaps' in Warfarin Treatment for Veterans with Atrial Fibrillation VIDEO
Much like civilians, military veterans have trouble maintaining safe levels with warfarin treatment.
African Americans with PAD More Likely to Have Amputations
Among a large sample of Veterans Affairs health care patients with peripheral artery disease, researchers found African Americans were 43% more likely to lose a limb to amputation--and it is likely not because of socioeconomic or behavioral factors.
Social Media Plays Key Part in Medicine Today VIDEO
When patients leave the waiting room of their provider, their concerns can go with them. With the help of social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, those concerns can be addressed while information is shared in a new and effective manner.
Hurricane Katrina Revisited: One Doctor's Story
Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans 11 years ago. A physician and colleagues documented "Post Katrina Stress Disorder" tells how he came to do the study, and what the disaster was like for him.
Disasters Can Keep on Taking: Katrina Still Causing Heart Attack Spike
It was no surprise that New Orleans' Hurricane Katrina took an immediate toll on residents' health when it hit 11 years ago. A new study showed it also led (or forced) many people to stop taking care of themselves, resulting in an increase in heart attacks seen 10 years out.

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