American Diabetes Association 76th Scientific Sessions | ADA 2016

This year's meeting offers physicians, researchers, and other health care professionals an opportunity to "share ideas and learn about the significant advances in diabetes research, treatment, and care." The meeting will feature more than 2,500 original research presentations.

Conference Coverages

Randall Hyer from Dynavax: Developing a Vaccine to Prevent Hepatitis B in Diabetes Patients
Randall Hyer from Dynavax: Developing a Vaccine to Prevent Hepatitis B in Diabetes Patients VIDEO
Research in the medical field covers a wide range of conditions and ways to not only treat them but also prevent them. Research is being done on a new vaccine for hepatitis B which has shown to be effective in patients with diabetes.
Gabriela Spencer-Bonilla from Mayo Clinic: How Can Social Networks Help Manage Diabetes VIDEO
When people think of social networks their immediate reaction may be to think of web based networks and programs. A new recent study looked at the impact of having people to turn to for patients in the early stages of diabetes treatment and beyond.
Helena Rodbard from Endocrine & Metabolic Consultants: Studying Canagliflozin as a Potential Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes Patients VIDEO
While it is not yet approved for the treatment of patients with type 1 diabetes recent studies on canagliflozin have shown it could be an option for this patient population.
Jim McDermott: Treating the Whole Patient for Diabetes VIDEO
There are many factors and comorbidities to consider when treating diabetes. Finding the balance of treatment through medications can determine the quality of life of patients as they navigate through the condition.
Jim McDermott from AstraZeneca: AstraZeneca Presents Full Slate of Studies at ADA VIDEO
With more than 60 presentations at the American Diabetes Association's meeting AstraZeneca showed a wide range of studies all geared towards helping patients with this condition.
Liraglutide Could Raise Nighttime Heart Rate in Obese Patients with Type 1 Diabetes
Adding liraglutide to insulin treatment for type 1 diabetes has proven to lower body weight and reduce the frequency of hypoglycemia. Potential heart risks, however, have yet to be established.
Jagdeesh Ullal from Eastern Virginia Medical School: Measuring the Costs of Hypoglycemia in Hospital Patients VIDEO
When patients enter the hospital monitoring their blood glucose can be even more important to limit the effects of hypoglycemia. If the condition does develop it can make the stays longer and more expensive for everyone involved.
Valerie Garret from Mission Health System: Comparing Monitoring Systems in Hospital Patients VIDEO
Blood glucose monitoring is an important part of patient care no matter where it is done, but it can be particularly important in hospital settings.
James List: Janssen's Work in Diabetes Treatment Continues Forward Progress VIDEO
The field of diabetes care is continually moving forward. Even as data was being presented at this year's meeting of the American Diabetes Association the future was at the forefront of many people's minds in an effort to help these patients even more.

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