ACTRIMS Forum 2016

ACTRIMS Forum 2016 | ACTRIMS 2016

The Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ACTRIMS) Forum 2016 will feature cutting edge discoveries in the pathogenesis and management of progressive MS and emerging data from recently completed and ongoing clinical trials.

Conference Coverages

Patricia Coyle From Stony Brook University: Answering Questions About Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and More
Patricia Coyle From Stony Brook University: Answering Questions About Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and More VIDEO
There are more than a dozen treatment options for patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis and so far none for the progressive form. Why that is and what can be done to change that are two of the biggest challenges in the field today.
Patricia Coyle from Stony Brook University: Bringing Lessons From ACTRIMS Back to Practice VIDEO
Some of the finest minds in the field of multiple sclerosis were in New Orleans for the annual ACTRIMS conference all looking to share their knowledge and learn more before returning home to their patients.
How to Handle MS Patients in the Emergency Department
Trips to the emergency department (ED) can range from the most benign to the most serious of reasons.
Gregory Wu From Washington University: B Cells and More In Progressive MS Treatment Development VIDEO
As researchers focus on finding treatments for progressive multiple sclerosis there are a number of potential angles to study to find the best treatment options possible. One potential area is the role of B cells in the treatment process.
HIV and Lower Risk of Multiple Sclerosis: There is a Connection
Recently, researchers had discovered that HIV infection might decrease the risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MS).
High Biotin Dosage Benefits Progressive MS Patients
New research has discovered high doses of biotin vastly improve neurologic function in a small percentage of patients afflicted with progressive MS.
Pediatric MS: Association Between Gut Microbiota and Relapse Risk
Gut microbiota has been a trending area of study across all medical specialties, and poses a curious question in multiple sclerosis (MS) research.
Mark Freedman From University of Ottawa: Interferon Still a Viable Option for Multiple Sclerosis VIDEO
While newer medications are constantly being developed for multiple sclerosis one of the original options may still be the best for some patients.
Mark Freedman From University of Ottawa: Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Treatment a Work In Progress VIDEO
As the first medication designed to treat primary progressive multiple sclerosis moves closer to the market there are still many questions about how effective it will be and what other treatment options may look like in the future.

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