Internal Medicine Meeting 2015 | ACP 2015

Internal Medicine Meeting 2015 will feature more than 200 sessions covering a broad array of clinical and health care policy topics in internal medicine.

Conference Coverages

Weighing Surgery and Prescription Options for Elderly Patients
Weighing Surgery and Prescription Options for Elderly Patients VIDEO
When treating elderly patients going under the knife may not always be the ideal solution to a problem. However, in some cases it may be the only option to ensuring a high quality of life for patients.
Developing New Standards for Elderly Cardiac Care VIDEO
Changing the way medicine approaches a topic, especially a sensitive one like treating older patients is never easy. However, with more patients living well into their 70s and beyond it is becoming an increasingly important area of care.
Cardiovascular Health In an Aging Population VIDEO
Thanks to modern science people are living longer than they ever have before. While that is a positive in many ways it is also presenting new challenges to healthcare professionals in a variety of fields.
Auto Injectors Using New Technology to Help Allergy Patients VIDEO
For patients with severe and life threatening allergies epinephrine auto injectors can provide the right dose to help them work through an emergency situation. There are now new models available that can help talk patients through the process and fit better to the injection site.
Debunking Myths of Stinging Insect Allergies VIDEO
With the weather getting warmer stinging insects like bees and wasps are becoming more of a concern for people with allergies or potential allergies. How these conditions are treated can make a significant difference in the time following stings.
Eosinophillic Esophagitis Presents a New Challenge in Food Allergy Fight VIDEO
Food allergies are an ever growing concern for doctors in a wide range of specialties and now there are new conditions for them to consider when looking to make a proper diagnosis.
Sinusitis More Than Just Seasonal Allergies VIDEO
Patients diagnosed with sinusitis can turn to a number of treatment options to improve their symptoms. For some, simply waiting out the condition can be effective while others may require some form of medication. In the more extreme cases there are surgical procedures which are being improved upon from options of the past.
Tonsil Issues Not Just a Problem for Children VIDEO
When people think of issues affecting the tonsils most think about children having their tonsils out. For those who did not have the procedure in their youth, there may be more problems waiting for them down the road.

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