ACC 65th Annual Scientific Session & Expo

ACC 65th Annual Scientific Session & Expo | ACC 2016

Come to ACC.16 to stay up-to-date with cutting-edge advances and practice-changing updates in cardiovascular care, organized into 12 learning pathways, including interventional cardiology, vascular medicine, acute coronary syndromes, and more.

Conference Coverages

Virtual Race Gets Workers Walking
Virtual Race Gets Workers Walking
A multi-national workplace fitness event got workers out of their chairs by racing around the globe, virtually.
Lars Svensson from Cleveland Clinic: Looking at the Future and Challenges of Cardiovascular Surgery VIDEO
Even as technology improves to help patients dealing with cardiovascular disease, those responsible for the procedures also must consider providing treatment while weighing the costs of that work.
Lars Svensson from Cleveland Clinic: PARTNER Trials Continue to Provide Hope in Cardiovascular Surgery VIDEO
Since its inception nearly a decade ago the PARTNER trials have shown new opportunities for cardiovascular disease patients to receive treatment they may not have been candidates for before.
911 Heart Drugs Help Some but Not Enough
An experiment in which paramedics gave heart attack patients antiarrythmic drugs before they arrived at a hospital had disappointing results.
Relieving Chest Pain Anxiety in Under Two Minutes
Can “Chest Pain Choice” an informative chart designed to guide emergency patients in making treatment decisions make a difference in care, patient anxiety, and costs? Mayo Clinic doctors say it did in their study.
Javed Butler from Stony Brook University: Is A Low Salt Diet Right for Heart Failure Patients? VIDEO
For a chronic condition like heart failure there are many factors that can help decide the effectiveness of their care. A recent debate looked at whether low salt diet would help in that effort.
Christopher Cannon from the Harvard Clinical Research Institute: ACC Provides Guidance on Non-Statin Therapies VIDEO
As doctors have more tools to treat patients with high cholesterol the American College of Cardiology released a new consensus statement to give guidance on potential best practices for non-statin therapies like PCSK9 inhibitors.
Christopher Cannon from the Harvard Clinical Research Institute: LDL Cholesterol: How Low Can You Go? VIDEO
With statins being a common treatment option for high cholesterol and PCSK9 inhibitors gaining traction since their approval in the past year research has looked at just how low a person's LDL, or bad cholesterol can go.
Douglas Zipes from Indiana School of Medicine: Challenges of Research When Hypotheses Not Met VIDEO
Even the most seasoned medical research teams can find themselves not reaching the goals they set out for themselves in a study. Learning from those lessons can sometimes be more motivation to find answers down the road.

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