American Academy of Pain Medicine 2015 Annual Meeting

American Academy of Pain Medicine 2015 Annual Meeting | AAPMed 2015

The 2015 AAPM annual meeting will feature "an invigorating, educational, and innovative program" that provides in-depth information on pain management, along with "outstanding educational sessions, expert faculty, and an unparalleled opportunity to network with colleagues." Attendees will have access to the latest science in pain research and have the opportunity to "explore the legislative, regulatory, and pain management issues" that affect their practice.

Conference Coverages

Opioids: Avoiding the Use, Misuse, & Diversion
Opioids: Avoiding the Use, Misuse, & Diversion VIDEO
Joseph V. Pergolizzi, MD discusses the integral role his background in physical chemistry and drug development plays in pain medicine research.
A Glimpse into Military Pain Medicine Developments VIDEO
After studying the reasons for evacuation from theater, between 2004 to 2007, Steven P. Cohen, MD, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, found that the number one reason each year revolved around muscular skeletal injuries.
Monitoring Objective Pain Management Improvements VIDEO
The US had been found to have a higher percentage of opioid use than in any other country.
Reformulated OxyContin Associated with Reduction in Abuse, Addiction, and Opioid Poisoning
The number of abuse, addiction, and opioid poisoning diagnoses has decreased since the introduction of reformulated OxyContin, according to a study presented at the American Academy of Pain Medicine's 31st Annual Meeting.
Study Shows Negative Effects of Hydrocodone Rescheduling
Data presented at AAPM 2015 show that moving hydrocodone from Schedule III to Schedule II has led to reduced access to combination hydrocodone medications and other hardships for patients.
Pain Management: Barriers & Beyond VIDEO
Countless debates have concluded the practice of pain management to be fragmented compared with other disciplines.

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