66th American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting

66th American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting | AAN 2014

The 66th American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting will "cover the spectrum of neurology—from updates on the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques to prevention strategies," and will feature more than 2,300 poster and platform presentations.

Conference Coverages

Novel Intranasal Spray Treats Epilepsy Seizures in Early-stage Trial
Novel Intranasal Spray Treats Epilepsy Seizures in Early-stage Trial
An intranasal midazolam spray designed to treat seizures in epilepsy patients yielded favorable results in an early trial.
Combining Copaxone Treatment with Female Hormone Reduces Multiple Sclerosis Relapse Rate
Among multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, a combination of estriol and Copaxone (glatiramer acetate) reduced the rate of relapse by 50% percent within one year of treatment.
For Headache Sufferers, Comorbidities and Risk Factors Shape Migraine Experience and Treatment
Teasing out relevant the relationship among risk factors, comorbidities, and migraine is challenging but critical for optimal migraine treatment.
Self-Prediction of Headaches, Stress Letdown Are Targets for Early Migraine Intervention
For many migraine sufferers, current strategies to treat headaches, or to prevent their occurrence, are insufficient to ward off the near-daily occurrence of head pain, prompting researchers to investigate methods of pre-emptive migraine treatment.
Headache Expert Recommends Broad View of Diagnostic Criteria to Improve Accuracy of Headache Diagnosis
The clinical challenge of accurate headache diagnosis in the office can be overcome by taking a broad view of the various diagnostic categories of headache.
Study Results Show Long-term Safety and Efficacy for Eteplirsen
Boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy saw continued and significant clinical improvement in motor function tests after 96 weeks of administration of investigational drug eteplirsen.
Clinician and Patient Preferences, Risk Tolerance Guide Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Strategies
Patient characteristics and preferences and clinician risk tolerance are critically important guideposts in selecting among the various treatment choices for relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis.
Better Understanding of Remyelination Pathway Offers Promise for New Multiple Sclerosis Treatments
With several clinical trials already underway, real hope for modifying the disease course of multiple sclerosis may come from strategies to remyelinate damaged neurons and brain cells.
Doctors Urged to Consider Newer Agents to Gain Maximal Efficacy in Initiating Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis
Session at the 2014 AAN annual meeting contrasts a "tiered" treatment strategy that focuses on safety with a "maximal efficacy" approach and offers an in-depth review of the clinical benefits and potential side effects of the current array of treatments for multiple sclerosis.

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