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Quan Dong Nguyen on Pioneering Aflibercept, Ranibizumab, and Sirolimus
Nguyen has had the fortune of having been involved in the trials of all three.
Nguyen speaks of the implications sirolimus could have if approved by the FDA.
Researcher speaks on his team's findings regarding uveitis candidate sirolimus.
Serum levels of ubiquitin and proteasome correlated well with uveitis score.
Though fluorescein angiograms of treated eyes did show reduction in disc leakage.
Acute intraocular inflammation was less common for ranibizumab than aflibercept.
Uveitis recurrence was associated with failure of trabeculectomy, not implant.
Allan Gibofsky, MD, highlights the various ways that psoriatic arthritis may present in patients and, consequently, remarks on the importance of seeking a rheumatologist to help distinguish an appropriate diagnosis.
Review explores reducing corticosteroid use with immunomodulatory therapies.

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