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Large Study Finds Bilateral Anti-VEGF Injection on Same Day Appears Safe
Acute intraocular inflammation was less common for ranibizumab than aflibercept.
Uveitis recurrence was associated with failure of trabeculectomy, not implant.
Allan Gibofsky, MD, highlights the various ways that psoriatic arthritis may present in patients and, consequently, remarks on the importance of seeking a rheumatologist to help distinguish an appropriate diagnosis.
Review explores reducing corticosteroid use with immunomodulatory therapies.
Despite good responses, patients dropped adalimumab treatment.
Researchers evaluated children with arthritis, uveitis, and both.
When standard treatment failed, adding adalimumab achieved remission in 64%.
A combination of mycophenolate mofetil and corticosteroid showed benefit.
People with noninfectious uveitis tend to have low vitamin D levels.

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