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Blood-Thinner Trial Halted Early Due to Efficacy
Janssen halted a trial of a cardiac drug early because it worked.
Don't drink peroxide, even if alternative medicine promotes it.
Emergency departments' experience matters in treating atrial fibrillation.
Smartphone screening for atrial fibrillation goes big in Hong Kong.
The electrode-covered vest can map the heart after capturing a single heartbeat.
In a new study, stroke occurred in 6.6% of the ranibizumab-treated group, compared with 7.0% of the controls matched by sociodemographic factors and comorbidities and 6.7% of the controls matched by sociodemographic factors only. These differences were not statistically significant.
A retrospective analysis of nutrition studies showed magnesium can reduce heart failure and diabetes risk. The key is dosage, a team found.
Despite the fact that two thirds of stroke survivors could suffer from a visual impairment, nearly half of stroke units do not even assess vision. A recent report suggests that more must be done to assess the outlook for vision in stroke survivors.
Empagliflozin was approved to reduce heart and stroke risk in patients with diabetes.

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