Rheumatoid Arthritis 
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Rheumatology Community Calls for Collaboration to Fight Arthritis Comorbidities
It's well known that arthritis doesn't mix well with other conditions. But where does healthcare go with that information?
The only consensus seems to be that walking is good for arthritis.
It might be time to retire the belief that bad weather is hurting joint pain even more.
A biosimilar to the world's biggest-selling drug performed well alongside it, according to top-line results announced recently.
Dutch researchers used radiolabeling to observe certolizumab in the body for the first time. Such studies could provide a greater understanding of how TNF inhibitors can be best used in the treatment of inflammatory conditions like arthritis.
Electric shocks, hot tea, and cryogenic freeze are just a few of the topics that came up in 2016 during the constant search to better understand and treat rheumatoid arthritis.
There are five different tumor necrosis factor (TNF) inhibitors available for the treatment of RA. Researchers say that despite showing similar efficacy, they differ in molecular structures and signaling disruption.
Johns Hopkins researchers have linked a specific bacteria involved in gum disease to the processes at hand in rheumatoid arthritis. It may be premature, however, to consider flossing an aspect of joint health.
Autoimmune disease has been known to increase the risk of epilepsy, but it's new knowledge that a mother's rheumatoid arthritis impacts their offspring's epilepsy risk.

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