Parkinson's Disease 
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Does Parkinson's Disease Originate in the Gut?
The study authors noted previous articles that demonstrated the link between Parkinson’s disease in defective mitochondria, but were unsure how this mechanism took effect.
In the field of neurosurgery it can seem like each new day is the future. Even still there are goals to achieve that may not be reached until many years down the road.
As new medications have been approved for movement disorders like Parkinson's Disease many patients have been able to better manage their symptoms. When that is not enough newer surgical options have also been developed in recent years.
Technology may be advancing faster than people can keep up with but there are still times when traditional surgical methods are preferred over newer technologies.
While minimally invasive surgery is not a new concept the rapid advances in technology are helping to treat patients with more wide ranging conditions than ever before.
Dimethylfumarate, a multiple sclerosis drug metabolite, could be a safe and effective therapy for Parkinson’s disease and slow its onset.
Located in the heart of the country Northwestern Medicine has made a name for itself in a wide range of conditions. With such a large number of specialists covering many conditions it can help provide more comprehensive care for many people locally and beyond.
With projections that the number of patients with Parkinson's disease could double in the near future as the population continues to age work is still being done to find effective treatments and cures for the condition.
In Parkinson’s disease (PD), medication-based therapy efficacy wanes and “wearing off” symptoms develop over time.

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