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Arthritis Could Be Delayed With Molecule Retention
A study of ACL-damaged rats shows molecular development of arthritis.
It's well known that arthritis doesn't mix well with other conditions. But where does healthcare go with that information?
The only consensus seems to be that walking is good for arthritis.
It might be time to retire the belief that bad weather is hurting joint pain even more.
Being overweight worsens osteoarthritis and diabetics often have extra weight. But a new study found that it is not weight alone that puts these patients at risk of the joint ailment.
The FDA this week announced approval of Maci, “matrix-induced autologous chondrocyte implantation.” The treatment is intended for cartilage defects of the knee, which can eventually lead to osteoarthritis.
A research team from the University of Delaware sought to see how much strength one would need, how fast they needed to walk, and how far they needed to walk to achieve a sufficient 6,000 steps in a day, and found that most knee OA patients surpassed their thresholds.
Researchers who evaluated adverse events in a large sample of patients taking NSAIDs for arthritis came to a surprising conclusion: celecoxib is the safest of three drugs studied.
Researchers from the UK say they have developed a blood test that can detect osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis long before painful symptoms become noticeable.

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