Multiple Sclerosis 
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Multiple Sclerosis Relapses with Natalizumab Not Predictive
Relapses in patients taking natlizumab affected their disabilities in the short term, but not over a longer period.
A study finds that massages may improve fatigue, pain symptoms in MS patients.
An MS diagnosis is depressing, but cognitive behavioral therapy helps.
Diagnosing pediatric MS: more accurate with test refinements.
Treating multiple sclerosis early pays off in higher patient incomes.
Multiple sclerosis: Eat like a cave-dweller and get symptom relief?
Multiple sclerosis patients appear to be less likely to get cancer, possibly because of drugs they take to modify the symptoms of MS.
People with multiple sclerosis tend to have sleep apnea, but not the usual kind, a study found.
Looking at post-mortem brain samples, researchers found that multiple sclerosis is associated with an abundance of bacteria and molecular diversity.

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