Multiple Sclerosis 
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New Data Support Benefit of Ocrevus for Relapsing, Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
Ocrevus reduced all 3 aspects of relapsing MS disease: reduction relapses, reduction disability, and reduction lesions within the brain quite substantially.
Tecfidera and Tysabri can provide MS patients with positive outcomes.
Researchers previously only considered ALS as one illness, but new knowledge has changed that mentality and has shown experts they need to personalize treatment approaches. “It’s important to understand the disease in different groups of people.”
Preliminary results hint at a new type of progressive MS treatment.
Multiple sclerosis is an expensive condition to treat in the US.
The life expectancy of MS patients is shorter by almost a decade.
Some forms of multiple sclerosis can be inherited.
Reprogrammed stem cells of people without MS seem to better protect the brain.
Certain conditions are linked to multiple sclerosis disease progression.

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