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ACT2 Trial Results Endorse Use of Vagus Nerve Stimulation in Episodic Cluster Headache
Study results coincide with FDA's recent decision on a stimulation device.
Those treated experienced an average decrease of 2.9 monthly migraine days.
"This is disease-specific, mechanism-based treatment," Amaal Starling enthuses.
Previous studies link vagus nerve stimulation to pain relief for various conditions.
Qudexy XR Extended-Release Capsules for migraine headache gets FDA approval.
Patients with more severe migraine had even better results.
Study results on the link between vitamin D and headache have a history of being ambiguous, but new research found more conclusive findings.
For individuals battling migraines, a morning cup of coffee or extra glass of wine can act as devastating headache triggers. Rather than excess caffeine, the true migraine trigger culprits are nitrites and monosodium glutamate (MSG).
Do you suffer from migraines? Cluster headaches? Tension headaches? Other kinds of headaches? All of them are related to a thyroid disorder, according to new research from the University of Cincinnati (UC).

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