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Preliminary Study Celebrates Positive Results for Wireless Migraine Device
Patients with more severe migraine had even better results.
Study results on the link between vitamin D and headache have a history of being ambiguous, but new research found more conclusive findings.
For individuals battling migraines, a morning cup of coffee or extra glass of wine can act as devastating headache triggers. Rather than excess caffeine, the true migraine trigger culprits are nitrites and monosodium glutamate (MSG).
Do you suffer from migraines? Cluster headaches? Tension headaches? Other kinds of headaches? All of them are related to a thyroid disorder, according to new research from the University of Cincinnati (UC).
Despite the availability of several treatment options, many people with migraine aren’t satisfied with their outcomes, according to the national Migraine in America 2016 survey created by Health Union.
Harvard researchers find that pure green light did not exacerbate pain in migraine sufferers, and may even reduce it by as much as 20%. The discovery could lead to innovations that make life much easier for those with frequent migraines.
You may have seen reports on the “treatment” on TV or heard that some of Beverley Hills’ richest citizens are raving about it, but whole body cryotherapy (WBC) doesn’t yet have the data to back up the many health benefits claimed by its boosters.
People with traumatic brain injury (TBI) often times suffer from serious headaches. But if the patient wants to take potentially addictive opioids off the table, what’s another option?
Many children and young adults with migraine have mild vitamin deficiencies – but does this mean that a causational relationship exists between the two conditions?

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