Major Depressive Disorder 
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Do Patients Do Better if Their Hospital Room Has a Nice View?
Whether it's of a brick wall, sky, or nature, hospital window view doesn't really matter.
Researchers pinpoint depression biomarker during pregnancy and how to treat it.
There is an urgent need to improve diagnostic abilities and management of borderline personality disorder, despite significant breakthroughs.
While one study found that taking vitamin D during pregnancy may hinder early ADHD symptoms, another recent study believes that gestational use of diabetes medications may lead to them.
Antidepressant remission rates could be influenced by a precise sleeping schedule, according to findings presented in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.
Depression is associated with cardiac risk factors in HIV-positive people. But does depression make these HIV patients more likely to die?
A recent, large meta-analysis looked at nearly 2,000 girls aged 8 to 13 years, and observed that those with ADHD were at a higher risk for other mental disorders.
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), popularly used as antidepressants, can have a negative impact on bone density. Beta blockers may be able to prevent that.
Analysis of data from a large survey has identified a number of factors that predict depression in women with diabetes and could help physicians provide better care for such patients.

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