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Hypogonadism, Diabetes: Chronic Diseases That Need to be Treated For Life
The type 1 diabetes patients who were continuously administered testosterone treatment showed improvements in glycemic control as well as massive improvements in their weight loss, since testosterone increases lean body mass.
Farid Saad, DVM, PhD, Bayer Pharma AG learned that the men with type 1 diabetes did experience benefits of long-term testosterone therapy – they showed improvements in their underlying diseases.
Prescription testosterone products have become dramatically more popular over the past decade. The FDA now wants their litany of serious adverse side effects more clearly stated.
There are many reasons that men have low or reduced testosterone. Treatment for the condition can require a variety of methods, and a recent study looked at a new way of delivering testosterone in pill form.
Unlike previous generations where men did not talk about low testosterone levels that is not as much of an issue today which helps patients get the help they need.
With the population living longer low testosterone is becoming a growing problem in the population with no definitive answer on how to address it.
As low testosterone becomes a more accepted condition to treat patients are finding the help they need through a variety of options.
In the past patients with low testosterone may not have wanted to admit that they need help from their medical professionals.
In recent years, there have been questions raised about the true dangers of testosterone deficiency (TD) and the efficacy and side effects of testosterone therapy, particularly as they pertain to patients who are at risk for cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer.

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