Hepatitis C 
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Merck Says Zepatier Yields High HCV Cure Rates in US Veterans Study
Veterans had undetectable HCV RNA 12 weeks after treatment with the DAA.
More good news on treatment for hepatitis C patients.
For the first time, the WHO has prequalified a generic API for treating HCV.
Aggressive testing, treatment, and prevention methods are key.
Two existing hepatitis C drugs can now be used to treat children ages 12-17.
Hepatitis C diagnoses are rarely made by a specialist, said Norman Sussman, MD. He explained how the telehealth program, Project ECHO, can help primary care physicians better manage patients with the virus at the American College of Physicians Internal Medicine Meeting (ACP 2017) in San Diego, California.
A 12-week hepatitis C regimen costs $59,000 in Europe.
British researchers find strong link between hepatitis B, C and Parkinson's.
Hepatitis C care often doesn't require a specialist.

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