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Northwell Health's Comprehensive Epilepsy Center  Enrolling Patients in MRI-Guided Laser Ablation Clinical Trial
Northwell Health is testing laser ablation for temporal lobe epilepsy.
Don't drink peroxide, even if alternative medicine promotes it.
Autoimmune disease has been known to increase the risk of epilepsy, but it's new knowledge that a mother's rheumatoid arthritis impacts their offspring's epilepsy risk.
There are hundreds of thousands of people in the United States with medication-resistant epilepsy. For many, their condition could be better managed by learning more about it and finding the right specialist who can help.
There are currently close to three million people in the United States with epilepsy. Of that total, close 500,000 are classified as medication resistant. Work is underway to help bring that number down and help more people with the condition.
In the field of neurosurgery it can seem like each new day is the future. Even still there are goals to achieve that may not be reached until many years down the road.
Even though some medications for epilepsy are able to drastically reduce the number of seizures a patient suffers sometimes just one can be damaging enough to a person's quality of life.
As new medications have been approved for movement disorders like Parkinson's Disease many patients have been able to better manage their symptoms. When that is not enough newer surgical options have also been developed in recent years.
Technology may be advancing faster than people can keep up with but there are still times when traditional surgical methods are preferred over newer technologies.

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