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When Red Flags Arise Before Prescribing Opioids
Doctors should have an honest discussion with patients who exhibit red flags showing that they should not be given opioids, Larry Greenblatt, MD, of Duke University School of Medicine said at the American College of Physicians Internal Medicine Meeting (ACP 2017) in San Diego, California.
NSAIDs may help a variety of painful conditions, but come with heart risks.
The top goal of chronic pain treatment differs between physicians and patients.
Many people don't see low back pain as life-threatening, but it is.
Older patients are feeling more pain now than they were in 1998.
Low back pain is rare before school age, but quite common after that.
A foot or ankle injury misdiagnosis can lead to chronic pain or arthritis.
Marijuana access isn't as clear cut as the law presents.
Using yoga for lower back pain relief may be a case of trial-and-error.

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