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The Off-Target Effects of Acid-Reduction Therapy
Acid-reduction can have 4 potentially off-target effects. This is one in a series of articles about practical tidbits regarding the alimentary tract.
About a quarter of patients who survived heart attacks due to blocked arteries could be treated with drugs, not invasive procedures. The trick is determining whether the blockage is cause by plaque erosion, not plaque rupture. With optical coherence tomography a team in Boston did just that.
Apheresis, the blood-filtering treatment used to remove cholesterol, appears to work for patients whose angina cannot be alleviated with drugs or surgical interventions researchers said today.
It's time to redirect the initial evaluation of low- to intermediate-risk patients presenting with symptoms suggestive of CAD back to the primary care and internal medicine setting.
A new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that most patients who visit the emergency room for nontraumatic chest pain are rarely in a life-threatening situation.
For patients eligible for a heart transplant getting on the list is just the first of many steps that need to happen before the procedure can be done.
While patients needing heart donations still drastically outnumbers the available organs for transplants recent changes in guidelines for transplantation have made the procedure available for an even wider patient population.
The Latino community is one of the fastest growing in the country and also faces its own unique set of health concerns. Finding ways to help patients today can help improve the health of generations to come.
Findings show heart disease patients may benefit from maintaining positive emotions.

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