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Dupilumab, A Promising Atopic Dermatitis and Asthma Drug, Fast-Tracked by FDA
Looks Can Be Deceiving. Discover The Inflammation Beneath.

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Amgen Takes Aim at Sanofi and Regeneron Blockbuster Dupilumab
Already at war over PCSK9, drug giants go to court over another breakthrough drug.
Highly anticipated potential first-line treatment now a go in the United States.
"Not only has it shown efficacy in atopic dermatitis, but dupilumab also has shown efficacy in related atopic dermatitis conditions such as asthma and nasal polyps," said Akinlade.
Bola Akinlade, MD, MBA, Executive Director, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, discussed the results of the dupilumab study presented at AAAAI 2017.
Luz Fonacier, MD, Winthrop University Hospital, detailed the process of looking at eczema and contact dermatitis in an allergist's practice.
The second of a two-part, year-end review of advances against eczema/dermatitis (AD) focused on treatment and prevention, noting there was little evidence showing "relative efficacy" of common systemic treatments.
An end-of-year two-part review highlighted that despite prevalent outcome measures, there is no consensus on the definition of a flare in atopic dermatitis.
Most dermatologists in the United Kingdom choose phototherapy first when treating adult patients with recalcitrant moderate-to-severe atopic eczema/dermatitis (AD).
The first study to associate genetic variances linked to skin barrier deficiencies and immune response in atopic eczema/dermatitis with the responses to treatment over several years has moved the field closer to individualizing precision therapies for the condition.

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