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Dupilumab, A Promising Atopic Dermatitis and Asthma Drug, Fast-Tracked by FDA
Looks Can Be Deceiving. Discover The Inflammation Beneath.

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Breakthroughs in Atopic Eczema Treatment and Prevention Highlighted in Year-End Reviews
The second of a two-part, year-end review of advances against eczema/dermatitis (AD) focused on treatment and prevention, noting there was little evidence showing "relative efficacy" of common systemic treatments.
An end-of-year two-part review highlighted that despite prevalent outcome measures, there is no consensus on the definition of a flare in atopic dermatitis.
Most dermatologists in the United Kingdom choose phototherapy first when treating adult patients with recalcitrant moderate-to-severe atopic eczema/dermatitis (AD).
The first study to associate genetic variances linked to skin barrier deficiencies and immune response in atopic eczema/dermatitis with the responses to treatment over several years has moved the field closer to individualizing precision therapies for the condition.
Skin conditions can cause physical, emotional, and financial duress. And, since atopic dermatitis in infants is often linked with asthma, allergies, hay fever, sleep problems, and weight issues, the total cost of eczema treatment could scale $3.8 billion annually.
An over-the-counter (OTC) treatment was considered superior to both the corticosteroid and an emollient cream in improving skin hydration.
Citing health hazards to patients and workers, the US Food and Drug Administration has issued a final rule banning the use of powdered exam gloves and surgical gloves. It will take effect January 19, 2017.
Not all herbal treatments were found to successfully treat moderate-to-severe eczema as previously thought.
A new drug for atopic dermatitis got FDA approval.

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