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EU Commission Approves Drug for Select Adult, Pediatric Inflammatory Diseases
European officials approved new biosimilar for select inflammatory diseases.
NIAID Director Anthony Fauci, MD is globally renowned for immunology research.
Allan Gibofsky, MD, highlights the goals of treatment for patients with psoriatic arthritis and discusses how routine imaging procedures are used to monitor for treatment efficacy and disease progression.
Allan Gibofsky, MD, reveals common rheumatologic measurement tools used in considerations for optimizing treatment for patients with psoriatic arthritis.
The association between periodontal disease, RA is a chicken-or-egg question.
NSAIDs may help a variety of painful conditions, but come with heart risks.
Despite their effectiveness in treating psoriatic arthritis, biologic agents may carry a risk for infection. As a result, Allan Gibofsky, MD, discusses how rheumatologists manage patients being treated with a biologic agent.
Allan Gibofsky, MD, briefly discusses the normal protocol for monitoring and treating patients with psoriatic arthritis and remarks on the potential benefits of using biologic therapy in patients with this condition.
New recommendations reprioritize some common RA drugs.

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