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Cheap EpiPen Alternative Debuts at CVS
Drug store CVS now carries cheaper option to EpiPen.
Children that develop atopic dermatitis – or eczema – from foods are more susceptible to harsh allergic reactions from hives to life-threatening anaphylaxis.
Epinephrine auto-injectors can save lives in cases of anaphylaxis, but their needles are too long for toddlers and infants who weigh less than 15 kg, a device manufacturer confirms. The injectors can strike bone in small children.
Needles are so long they could strike bone in almost half of all pediatric auto-injectors, Canadian researchers report.
Neuropathic pain may be reduced when patients take antidepressants that alter a brain pathway, according to a recent study.
Research suggests support groups help teenagers with diagnosed allergies adhere consistently to guidelines that protect them against anaphylaxis and other reactions.
How expensive? Study results show that families with children who are allergic to staple food items pay out thousands of extra dollars each year in direct and indirect costs.
Although asthma increases the risk of anaphylaxis in children with milk allergies and reduces the chance that immunotherapy will prove fully successful, study results show that the majority of patients who undergo immunotherapy for a milk allergy can achieve a protective dose.
Earlier this year, a skin patch designed to reduce the risk of anaphylaxis and other severe reactions to peanuts became the first allergy treatment ever granted a Breakthrough Therapy Designation by the FDA.

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