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Could the Paleo Diet Help in Multiple Sclerosis?
Multiple sclerosis: Eat like a cave-dweller and get symptom relief?
Drug store CVS now carries cheaper option to EpiPen.
Previous studies have shown that “the gut microbiota differs in composition and diversity during the first months of life in children who later do or do not have allergic disease," but researchers who focused on immunoglobulin A prevalence made a different finding.
Looking at post-mortem brain samples, researchers found that multiple sclerosis is associated with an abundance of bacteria and molecular diversity.
People most at risk of needing adrenaline auto-injectors tend not to know how to use them properly, studies have found. Physicians are blamed for the lapses.
The pros identified included the possibility of EMDs improving adherence, that the devices might help motivate patients through creating a sense of independence and accountability, and that the data generated could help in building a trusting relationship between clinician and patient.
ASP0892 is an investigational DNA vaccine for the common, potentially fatal allergy.
Smoking teens, rogue genes, and mashed-up hookworms are among the many diverse, fascinating, and important asthma topics that came out of 2016.
The nonprofit, Institute for Clinical and Economic Review, is preparing a set of recommendations on best drugs for multiple sclerosis and is seeking public comment.

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