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Reassessment of Asthma Diagnoses Highly Recommended for Adult Patients with Asthma
Reassessing asthma diagnoses in adults with asthma can help with overmedication.
Study found link between adult-onset asthma and exposure to cleaning products.
Many patients treated for severe asthma had not been properly assessed.
A new asthma study tested the clinical capabilities of Apple's ResearchKit.
RV/TCL ratios have a stronger association with longer duration asthma.
Genetics might not impact the efficacy of inhaled corticosteroid use in asthma.
John Kelso, MD, Division of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, Scripps Clinic, San Diego, explained the concerns researchers had of administering vaccines to patients experiencing allergic reactions to those vaccines.
Vitamin E deficiency in mothers can affect their children's risk of asthma.
Amy Scurlock, MD, Arkansas Children's Hospital, reiterated that there is more at stake beyond the medical management of food allergies.

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