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When Red Flags Arise Before Prescribing Opioids
Doctors should have an honest discussion with patients who exhibit red flags showing that they should not be given opioids, Larry Greenblatt, MD, of Duke University School of Medicine said at the American College of Physicians Internal Medicine Meeting (ACP 2017) in San Diego, California.
Can anything halt runaway drug prices? ACP asks.
When a patient comes strolling into your office at 4:30 p.m. on a Friday wanting an opioid prescription, that could be a red flag, Suresh Reddy, MD, professor of palliative care at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center told MD Magazine.
Physicians can play a role in curbing substance misuse.
Nektar Therapeutics announced favorable phase 3 results for NKTR-181.
Constance Scharff, PhD: it's a bad time to cut access.
Drug problems and emotional issues should be treated at the same time.
The top goal of chronic pain treatment differs between physicians and patients.
Patients taking opioids leading up to surgery have worse outcomes.

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