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NYC Shows the Importance of HIV, Hepatitis C Screenings in the ER
HIV, hepatitis C coinfections weren't all that uncommon at a Bronx ER.
Published literature says the pre-seroconversion window period lasts around 45 days.
Hepatitis C screening based only on risk factors could miss infected people.
At CROI 2017, John W. Ward, MD, CDC, explained his team has been concentrating on one particular health effect: transmission of hepatitis C from mother-to-child at the time of birth. This is showing them increases in children now becoming infected with hepatitis C, so it’s a growing problem among young people and their children.
We've had a 150% increase in the number of new cases of hepatitis C in the country, and almost all of those cases are among persons less than 30 years of age," John W. Ward, MD, of CDC said.
"We have drugs now that used to take one pill to several pills a day for 2-3 months, you can cure 95% of people living with hepatitis C. The issue is getting those persons identified who are living with this silent infection."
Douglas Dieterich, MD, is concerned about repercussions of this report.
Patients with hepatitis C genotype 3 may face more liver problems.
Drug combo deemed effective for one of the rarest hepatitis C genotypes in the United States.

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