Hepatitis C 
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Insurers Deny Coverage After Physicians Prescribe Hepatitis C Treatment
Effective hepatitis C drugs continue to be withheld from patients.
Even patients with cured hepatitis C from DAAs exhibited liver inflammation.
Hepatitis C mutations help the virus dodge vaccines.
Hepatitis C testing only increased from 12.3% to 13.8% among baby boomers.
See the pyramids, get hepatitis C treatment? Egypt promotes medical tourism.
Merck acquired uprifosbuvir after purchasing Idenix Pharmaceuticals Inc. for $3.85 billion.
HIV, hepatitis C coinfections weren't all that uncommon at a Bronx ER.
Published literature says the pre-seroconversion window period lasts around 45 days.
Hepatitis C screening based only on risk factors could miss infected people.

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