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Access to Kidney Transplants Drops for People with HIV
People with HIV aren't getting the life-saving transplants they need.
Breaking down the PrEP process into specific steps can help providers and patients.
Adding an extra 20,000 IU vitamin D2 a week didn't make a difference.
HIV, hepatitis C coinfections weren't all that uncommon at a Bronx ER.
The CDC says that more than 40% of chlamydia and gonorrhea cases can be prevented.
"We've done a really good job of developing medicines to get that virus under control. I think what's sort of important for our community now is to very carefully look at what the unmet needs are," said Emu.
"Even though we have a lot of drugs, because of the resistance profile of their virus, they don't have a lot of options, so what these results mean for the most vulnerable of our patients is that they have access now to a new class of drugs," Emu concluded.
The idea of holistic care has two meanings, Anthony Mills, MD, SoCal Men's Medical Group, explained at CROI 2017.

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