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Antibody Trial Yields Positive Results to Fight HIV
A new generation of HIV neutralizing antibodies proves to be safe in humans.
Highly active antiretroviral therapy could be hurting immune responses.
Research found that some women are more susceptible to become infected with HIV.
Some HIV-1 strains are able to get past the body's natural barriers better.
The HIV Medicine Association, the American Academy of HIV Medicine, The Association of Nurses in AIDS Care and the Ryan White Medical Providers Coalition have written to US Senators urging them not to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
Physicians who treat HIV are urging Congress to save the Affordable Care Act.
The CDC’s PrEP guidelines might not be specific enough.
A trip to the beauty salon could result in exposure to dangerous blood-borne viruses.
“HIV is a clever virus and has learned to evade even some of the best drugs on the market," said Dmitry Lyumkis, PhD.

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