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Criminalization of Same-Sex Sexual Behavior May Lead to False Reports of High HIV Testing
Laws prohibiting same-sex sexual behaviors are linked to implausibly low MSM estimates.
NIAID Director Anthony Fauci, MD is globally renowned for immunology research.
While TB cases are decreasing, HIV/TB coinfection cases are on the rise.
Researchers explore cytomegalovirus in patients with HIV.
Women feel hope for the future with access to antiretroviral therapy.
A panel wants the FDA to restrict an opioid because abusers are injecting it.
The kind of strategies Myron Cohen, MD and team used for STDs and the gonorrhea bacterial pathogen were applied to HIV.
"ART treatment is exceptionally good at stopping transmission," said Myron Cohen, MD, Department of Infectious Disease, UNC.
Globally, 18.6 million women and girls were living with HIV in 2015.

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