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Regeneron, Sanofi Win Stay of Order Banning Cholesterol Drug Sales
Regeneron/Sanofi will continue marketing, manufacturing, and selling alirocumab.
In a dramatic decision on a long-running patent dispute over alirocumab vs. evolocumab, a federal court judge ruled that Amgen's patents were violated and that rivals Sanofi/Regeneron can no longer distribute their product.
It's the third and final part of analyzing the book, Blue Latitudes, Boldly Going Where Captain Cook Has Gone Before, and how it applies to modern day.
If statins are good and PCSK9 inhibitors are better, how good will a combination be? Researchers reported today in a study called GLAGOV.
A PCSK9 inhibitor that reduces cholesterol by RNA interference instead of the monoclonal antibody approach appears effective and holds the promise of fewer injections and lower cost, researchers said today.
Systemic atherosclerosis causes peripheral artery disease, and these patients are at risk of cardiovascular death and stroke.
Younger patients with coronary heart disease who may have familial hypercholesterolemia need earlier diagnosis and treatment in order to reduce risk, according to the results of a recent study. FH is widely underdiagnosed, and is life-threatening.
Adding a PCSK9 inhibitor to apheresis therapy worked so well in reducing LDL in patients with familial hypercholesterolemia that two-thirds of the patients stopped getting apheresis.
A new meta-analysis of 102 randomized controlled diet trials found that consumption of polyunsaturated fat instead of carbohydrate or saturated fat reduces blood sugar levels and insulin resistance while also increasing the body’s ability to make insulin.

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