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Tissue Plasminogen Activators Safe for Patients Who Wake Up with Stroke Symptoms
  |  Rachel Lutz
It is reportedly safe to use tissue plasminogen activator, the clot busting medication, on patients who wake up with symptoms of stroke, according to a new study. Generally, tPA should be administered within 4.5 hours of symptom onset to be considered effective.
Prenatal Vitamin D Could Lower Baby's ADHD Risk, While Some Diabetes Drugs May do the Opposite
  |  Rachel Lutz
While one study found that taking vitamin D during pregnancy may hinder early ADHD symptoms, another recent study believes that gestational use of diabetes medications may lead to them.
Study: Ceftriaxone for Pneumonia Elevates C. difficile Risks, "Should Be Shunned"
  |  Rachel Lutz
A Polish research team concluded that there are two mortality models for patients with pneumonia being treated for Clostridium difficile infection. and recommended the exclusion of one antibiotic from pneumonia treatment in hospitals.
Online ADHD Program Helps Children and Their Parents
  |  Rachel Lutz
An online self-help intervention program can improve attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) behaviors in children and increase satisfaction in a parental role.
Does Sleep Influence Antidepressant Efficacy?
  |  Rachel Lutz
Antidepressant remission rates could be influenced by a precise sleeping schedule, according to findings presented in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.
Early Clot-Removal Surgery Means Less Post-Stroke Disability
  |  Rachel Lutz
Following a stroke, the sooner a patient undergoes clot-busting endovascular thrombectomy, the better their outcomes are, in terms of severity of disability.
Turkey, Stuffing, and a Side of Food Poisoning
  |  Rachel Lutz
Just in time for Thanksgiving, a recent study notes that foodborne transmission of Clostridium difficile is a distinct possibility.
Researchers Aim to Determine the Two Subtypes of Crohn's Disease
  |  Rachel Lutz
Researchers from the University of North Carolina examined the gene expression and regulation in colon tissue from patients to better understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms that make up Crohn’s disease.
Does Parkinson's Disease Originate in the Gut?
  |  Rachel Lutz
The study authors noted previous articles that demonstrated the link between Parkinson’s disease in defective mitochondria, but were unsure how this mechanism took effect.

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