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Hospital Laundry Facilities Could Be Source of C. difficile Transmission
  |  Rachel Lutz
Researchers tested hundreds of surface samples from a clinical laundry facility and found multiple strains of C. difficile, mainly in the areas that handled soiled clinical linens.
Women and Minorities Under-Treated for Stroke
  |  Rachel Lutz
“Even though the treatment for stroke tPA improves recovery, some people who are eligible to receive the treatment are not getting it,” study author, Steven R. Messé, MD, explained.
FDA Approves Zinplava for C. difficile, Despite Serious Side Effects
  |  Rachel Lutz
Patients with a history of congestive heart failure were at increased risk of death during study trials of the drug, which is intended to fight recurring Clostridium difficile infections.
Women's Risk of Stroke, and Type of Stroke, Influenced by BMI
  |  Rachel Lutz
“We found that the risk of ischemic stroke...the most common stroke subtype, is increased in overweight and obese women,” study author Gillian Reeves, explained. “By contrast, the risk of hemorrhagic decreased in overweight and obese women.
Guts of Fecal Transplant Patients Resemble their Donors'
  |  Rachel Lutz
“Our results suggest that intestinal microbiota can be modified relatively permanently,” researcher Reetta Satokari explained.
ADD and ADHD Common in Child Suicides
  |  Rachel Lutz
The researchers noted that suicide in this age group is not well studied, despite a recent uptick: in 2014, suicide was the 10th leading cause of death for children aged 5 to 11 years.
Depression Risk Greater Soon after a Stroke
  |  Rachel Lutz
About a quarter of stroke patients were diagnosed with depression within two years of their stroke, researchers learned. Additionally, half of the cases of stroke patients who developed depression were diagnosed within the first three months.
Focusing on Behavior to Help Children with ADHD Complete Homework
  |  Rachel Lutz
Behavioral treatment impacted the children's homework completion and accuracy, researchers found, "whereas long-acting stimulant medication resulted in limited and largely nonsignificant acute effects on homework performance."
Defining ADHD Symptoms into Adulthood
  |  Rachel Lutz
Childhood symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) persist into adulthood in as many as 60% of patients, according to findings published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.

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