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Does Sleep Influence Antidepressant Efficacy?
  |  Rachel Lutz
Antidepressant remission rates could be influenced by a precise sleeping schedule, according to findings presented in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.
Early Clot-Removal Surgery Means Less Post-Stroke Disability
  |  Rachel Lutz
Following a stroke, the sooner a patient undergoes clot-busting endovascular thrombectomy, the better their outcomes are, in terms of severity of disability.
Turkey, Stuffing, and a Side of Food Poisoning
  |  Rachel Lutz
Just in time for Thanksgiving, a recent study notes that foodborne transmission of Clostridium difficile is a distinct possibility.
Researchers Aim to Determine the Two Subtypes of Crohn's Disease
  |  Rachel Lutz
Researchers from the University of North Carolina examined the gene expression and regulation in colon tissue from patients to better understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms that make up Crohn’s disease.
Does Parkinson's Disease Originate in the Gut?
  |  Rachel Lutz
The study authors noted previous articles that demonstrated the link between Parkinson’s disease in defective mitochondria, but were unsure how this mechanism took effect.
Girls with ADHD Often have Comorbid Behavioral Disorders
  |  Rachel Lutz
A recent, large meta-analysis looked at nearly 2,000 girls aged 8 to 13 years, and observed that those with ADHD were at a higher risk for other mental disorders.
Beta Blockers Could Solve Antidepressant Bone Loss Problem
  |  Rachel Lutz
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), popularly used as antidepressants, can have a negative impact on bone density. Beta blockers may be able to prevent that.
Can Alternative Therapies for Irritable Bowel Disease Really be Effective?
  |  Rachel Lutz
Alternative therapies such as probiotics and synbiotics may be viable options for patients with irritable bowel disorders, according to findings published in the British Journal of Pharmacology.
Linking Alzheimer's Disease, Antipsychotics, and Pneumonia
  |  Rachel Lutz
For Alzheimer’s disease patients, the risk of pneumonia could be increased with the use of antipsychotic medications, according to findings published in the journal Chest.

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