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Fecal Transplants Considered as Effective as Antibiotic Treatment for C. difficile Infections
  |  Rachel Lutz
According to new research, fecal transplantations were just as effective as the standard Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) treatment, oral vancomycin taper, in patients with recurrent C. difficile infections.
Why T-Cells Sometimes Turn Pathogenic
  |  Rachel Lutz
A signaling mechanism can turn T-cells into destroyers.
Could Ultraviolet Light Technology Treat Multiple Sclerosis?
  |  Rachel Lutz
Cornell scientists said they created a chemical tool that uses ultraviolet light to track inflammation and even control it. Their hope is it might work to treat inflammatory diseases, perhaps even multiple sclerosis.
Hospital Laundry Group Disputes C. difficile Danger
  |  Rachel Lutz
In a letter, the Textile Rental Services Association strongly responded to the article. David F. Goldsmith, MSPH, PhD, wrote that the story on hospital laundry facilities could “misleadingly create false alarms.”
Boosting Social Behaviors in People with Autism
  |  Rachel Lutz
It may be possible to boost social interaction in people with autism by using a new therapeutic drug target, University of Pennsylvania researchers say.
No Tool Yet To Identify Visual Impairments after Strokes
  |  Rachel Lutz
Despite the fact that two thirds of stroke survivors could suffer from a visual impairment, nearly half of stroke units do not even assess vision. A recent report suggests that more must be done to assess the outlook for vision in stroke survivors.
ADHD May Be Over-Diagnosed in Children with Autism
  |  Rachel Lutz
Simple diagnostic tools like yes-or-no questions lack the nuance required to keep autistic children from being misdiagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, according to a new report from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
California Hospital Staff Concerned about Facility's C. difficile Risk
  |  Rachel Lutz
Between 2012 and 2014, 19 Pomona Valley patients died from C. difficile infection. One environmental services employee quoted in the LA Times said that she had not received any training on infection control in her 12 years of employment there.
Spinal Injuries Impact Gut Microbiome
  |  Rachel Lutz
A team was able to demonstrate that spinal cord injury causes the relocation of some of the gut’s bacteria from sterile tissues to other locations throughout the body, and it appeared that these changes were linked to the activation of the immune system cells in the gut.

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