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Updating Diagnostics, Attitudes, and Treatments Surrounding Borderline Personality Disorder
  |  Rachel Lutz
There is an urgent need to improve diagnostic abilities and management of borderline personality disorder, despite significant breakthroughs.
Multiple Sclerosis Associated with Disruption of Microbiome
  |  Rachel Lutz
Looking at post-mortem brain samples, researchers found that multiple sclerosis is associated with an abundance of bacteria and molecular diversity.
FMT Is Not a Cure-All
  |  Rachel Lutz
While effective for Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) infection in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) patients, fecal microbiota transplants did not relieve the IBS itself.
Multiple Sclerosis: Neural Stem Cells Hold Key to New Therapies?
  |  Rachel Lutz
Finding neural stem cells in the brain’s meninges could lead to new therapies for multiple sclerosis patients.
Alemtuzumab Treatment Better Alleviates Disability in Multiple Sclerosis Patients than Interferon Beta 1a
  |  Rachel Lutz
Alemtuzumab was more beneficial to patients with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis than subcutaneous interferon beta 1a in various measures of preexisting disability.
Scientists Review Efficacy of Off-Label C. difficile Treatments
  |  Rachel Lutz
Many off label therapeutic options currently exist for treating Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) infection, but combinations of these choices can develop into viable, approved treatments, according to a recently published product review.
Researchers Suspect Traces of C. difficile in Manure Compost From Pigs
  |  Rachel Lutz
Traces of Clostridium difficile bacteria are occasionally found in the final products of manure compost and can even transfer C. difficile into the food chain.
Multiple Sclerosis: How to Prevent Gadolinium Build-Up in the Brain
  |  Rachel Lutz
Physicians have long been concerned that patients with multiple sclerosis who get frequent brain scans accumulate deposits of the rare earth used as a contrast agent, gadolinium. German researchers found an alternative agent.
Multiple Sclerosis: Drug Evaluators Seek Comments
  |  Rachel Lutz
The nonprofit, Institute for Clinical and Economic Review, is preparing a set of recommendations on best drugs for multiple sclerosis and is seeking public comment.

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