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Genetic Cause of Multiple Sclerosis Identified
  |  Rachel Lutz
Researchers have identified a specific genetic mutation that may increase the likelihood of developing a rapidly progressing form of multiple sclerosis.
Multiple Sclerosis Patients have Different Gut Microbiota
  |  Rachel Lutz
There are key differences in the gut microbial community composition in children with early-onset multiple sclerosis compared to healthy children without multiple sclerosis.
Diet and Gut Microbiome Influences Multiple Sclerosis Disease Activity
  |  Rachel Lutz
Researchers used pre-clinical models of MS, as well as samples from patients with MS, in order to demonstrate that diet and gut flora may influence the activity of astrocytes, the cells that control inflammation and neurodegeneration in the brain.
No Benefits from Umeclidinium for COPD Patients
  |  Rachel Lutz
There is no proof of the added benefit of using umeclidinium bromide for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) symptom relief in patients.
A Quarter of COPD Patients are Depressed
  |  Rachel Lutz
Nearly 1 in 4 patients with COPD also suffers from depression, possibly increasing the risk of early hospital readmission for these patients if left untreated.
Early COPD Linked to Childhood Asthma
  |  Rachel Lutz
Researchers have found evidence of a link between persistent childhood asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in early adulthood.
Sleep Apnea Impacts Cognitive Function in Multiple Sclerosis Patients
  |  Rachel Lutz
Obstructive sleep apnea and sleep disturbances are linked to diminished cognitive ability in patients with multiple sclerosis.
Prototype Chest Monitor Built from Video Game System Could Detect Respiratory Disease
  |  Rachel Lutz
Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect system may be able to be used to assess chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other pulmonary diseases.
Intestinal Stem Cell Behavior May Impact Inflammatory Bowel Disease Treatments
  |  Rachel Lutz
When intestinal stem cells come into contact with prominent metabolites in the gut, the intestine is prohibited from repairing itself with those cells, according to findings published in Cell.

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