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C. difficile Burden Inside Long Term Care Facilities
  |  Rachel Lutz
C. diff infections appear to lurk in long-term acute care facilities.
Women and Minorities Under-Treated for Stroke
  |  Rachel Lutz
“Even though the treatment for stroke tPA improves recovery, some people who are eligible to receive the treatment are not getting it,” study author, Steven R. Messé, MD, explained.
Early Clot-Removal Surgery Means Less Post-Stroke Disability
  |  Rachel Lutz
Following a stroke, the sooner a patient undergoes clot-busting endovascular thrombectomy, the better their outcomes are, in terms of severity of disability.
Minimizing C. difficile Risk in Long Term Care Facilities
  |  Rachel Lutz
C. diff guideline highlights the need for international agreement.
Fidaxomicin Effective for Patients Experiencing First C. difficile Infection Episode
  |  Rachel Lutz
Patients using fidaxomicin for C diff infection experienced no recurrences..
Non Frozen Oral Capsules Could be Next Step in C. difficile Treatment
  |  Rachel Lutz
Researchers, for the first time, used the lyophilized non-frozen oral capsule RBX7455 to treat a patient with recurrent Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) infection.
Central Sleep Apnea a Problem for Multiple Sclerosis Patients
  |  Rachel Lutz
People with multiple sclerosis tend to have sleep apnea, but not the usual kind, a study found.
Updating Diagnostics, Attitudes, and Treatments Surrounding Borderline Personality Disorder
  |  Rachel Lutz
There is an urgent need to improve diagnostic abilities and management of borderline personality disorder, despite significant breakthroughs.
Multiple Sclerosis Associated with Disruption of Microbiome
  |  Rachel Lutz
Looking at post-mortem brain samples, researchers found that multiple sclerosis is associated with an abundance of bacteria and molecular diversity.

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